Joyce Johnson

Protein Stable Launches Innovative System for Protein Engineering and Antibody Formulation

Protein Stable launches its first product to aid in protein engineering-the SUPR-CM. With technology from Applied Photophysics and Fluorescence Innovations, the SUPR-CM offers the highest quality system for biophysics and biopharmaceutical research.

The SUPR- CM is a high throughput protein stability measurement system with extensive applications in protein stability screening for formulation development and protein engineering. The system uses chaotropic agents to induce protein unfolding at room temperature and simplifies the use of chemical denaturation by utilizing sub µL accurate sample preparation systems. Research will be made simpler and faster due to the system’s low sample consumption, high throughput, and scalable automation.

Protein Stable is a joint venture between Applied Photophysics and Fluorescence Innovations. Applied Photophysics is a long-time partner of the biophysics and biopharmaceutical research community, while Fluorescence Innovations focuses on developing innovative, high-sensitivity fluorescence microplate reader technology. Together, Protein Stable offers top-grade technology for cutting-edge research.

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