Joyce Johnson

In this series of blog posts, we will discuss the entire journey of Protein Stable and how our product SUPR-CM was born. It highlights the current needs in the market and how our plate reader technology is providing you with high throughput protein characterization using low sample volumes. The journey continues in this post as we prepared for the launch of our rapid, high-throughput, intrinsic fluorescence technology: SUPR-CM. 

In the 18th Century, a Scottish poet called Robert Burns wrote a piece called “To a Mouse” in which there is a famous line which is now used as an everyday phrase, roughly translated to “The best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry”.  And so it was that the launch planned for the PEGS conference in Boston, USA in June was cancelled and put back to a virtual event in July.  Not to be defeated, the webinar event was attended by a few hundred people with real interest in whether the promised innovation had met expectations.  It was a great success and word was out on the street, a new player in the market had delivered a product that could prove to solve some of the challenges of protein stability screening – how to screen many samples in good time, without using large quantities of expensive protein and delivering rich data to inform downstream analysis.  Furthermore, the product is compact enough to fit onto workbenches and can be integrated into automated workflows for more walk-away time.  

SUPR-CM Workflow Demonstration