Joyce Johnson

In this series of blog posts, we will discuss the entire journey of Protein Stable and how our product SUPR-CM was born. It highlights the current needs in the market and how our plate reader technology is providing you with high throughput protein characterisation using low sample volumes. The journey continues in this post as we promise to support you in achieving your characterisation goals. 

Whilst many of you were asked to stay away from work, follow distancing guidelines and not travel research slowed and projects put on hold.  In some cases, budgets were diverted to fund anti-viral and vaccine research.  The time was being well spent with plans being made and grants applied for. 

For the SUPR-CM, final steps required to ship the instrument to you were being completed, regulatory testing and CE marking, packaging to safely ship to your labs and installation instructions completed.  The first units go out and our journey through the processes of innovation, design, development and delivery is complete.  Now there is a new journey upon us, to support and help you reach your research goals.  And perhaps start the journey for another great research tool.