Knowledge of protein stability is a key tool in biotechnology and molecular research.  The SUPR-CM combines the well-established chemical denaturation method with intrinsic protein fluorescence in a convenient 96/384-well microplate format, so you can rapidly screen the stability of your protein.

Everything in equilibrium:

Protein molecules can be slow to equilibrate. SUPR-CM allows your protein to find its equilibrium before measurement, providing true protein stability measurements and a much more accurate  ΔG.

The right size for every lab:

SUPR-CM is flexible and scalable. Using standard 96/384-well microplate technology it can leverage the vast industry of microplate handling and preparation systems to scale to any application and lab. From small labs with a handful of samples to screens of thousands of conditions.

Low sample consumption:

Traditional protein stability chemical melt measurements in sample hungry instruments have a sample overhead and cost. SUPR-CM can get full ΔG denaturation curves with just 0.375 µg of protein per well.


Get to the results that matter, quickly and simply:

Able to scan a 384-well plate in 2.5 minutes, and with inbuilt data analysis software, SUPR-CM lets you get to the key results quickly and simply, helping make robust, timely decisions quickly in fast-moving projects.


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